Simply Staunton

Simple, Direct, Unattended Cremation
(no hidden costs)
This is a very simple option for those who do not wish to have a funeral service.

This meets the needs of people who have no close family, or those who want to just have a cremation, with no service, and may prefer to have a memorial service at a time and place which suits their needs.

This includes:
  • Collection of the deceased from their place of death, and bringing them into our care
  • Oak veneer coffin, with handles and name plate.
  • Care of the deceased, including dressing, washing and hygienic treatment. A robe will be supplied, or you may have certain clothes you wish your loved one to be dressed in.
  • Crematorium fee
  • All legal paperwork and funeral arrangements to be completed.
  • Suitable car to convey your loved one to the crematorium.

Please contact us for more information on 02392 477440.
Kingston Crematorium
As part of a growing trend in the UK, a no frills simplistic funeral option is being sought after by many people.

We at Simply Staunton, can provide a simple funeral cremation with a lower cost, whilst being delivered with complete compassion and care. Whether you choose an unattended cremation for ethical, financial or practical reasons, we will honour your intentions with a low cost, efficient service. We take pride in ensuring our families are satisfied with this simple, budget friendly service without compromising on the high-quality care of your loved one.

Our direct cremation service is all inclusive with no hidden costs and included;
We have an experienced dedicated team and offer a fast response 24 hour a day service, and are available to answer any questions or give any advice you may need.